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Ahoy thar! It has been quite a while since we dropped anchor in port. Ship's anchored and sheets be stowed. All ashore what's going ashore. Scouting for some fresh meat to flesh your crew? There be a couple new faces seen about town.

Up first for your consideration be Eva Sharpe (28090). She be a dangerous woman on a mission. Her past is a mystery and her goals are her own. But, if your course aligns with hers, she may be convinced to join your crew. For a time at least.

Also seen lurking about the docks is Francis Lynch (28091). I'm told he be nearly impossible to kill. His flesh bares the scars of countless battles. Terrible scars. He is not a man to be on the wrong side of a cutlass with.

On a side note, I'm still honing my sculpting skills. While these two were sculpted about a year and a half ago, I liked them too much not to release them. Hopefully the new releases will start flowing out faster now.

The Moonlightmini blog (http://moonlightmini.com/blog/) is still going, still hit and miss but limping along none the less. Stop by and watch as I attempt to chronicle more projects relating to this website and gaming in general. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment or a bit of piratey advice.


Latest News

February 10

New Sightings of the Creeds.

February 1

The Creeds in the colors of undeath.

January 22

New Additions to the store.

Added 28088, 28089.