A Bridge Too Far (from completion)

With the Carib huts done. I turned my attention to a rope bridge. The Jungle crawl ended with the pirates finding a rope bridge leading to the Carib village so how to make a rope bridge???
I started by building a quick wood support to help in the construction phase. This was made from some wood scraps I had lying about. I drilled a few holes and bent some heavy wire. In this case, it’s actually a couple pieces of welding rod bent to shape. I soldered these together to form the actual support for the bridge.


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It Takes A Village…

It takes a village to raid one!  So, with a battle looming, I find myself in need of a Carib village. And that village requires huts.  So here’s my take on the Carib hut and how to create one.


In this case, it’s the hut of the village witch doctor.

It started out as pretty much all throw away items. A circle of foam glued to an old CD and painted black. To this, I glued pine needles that I collected from the yard and dried. Continue reading

Carib Mr. Hyde Conversion

I’m working on the more exotic Carib personalities for the up coming battle and I want to add a darker flavor to my Caribbean campaign. I was thinking about a sort of Mr. Hyde character for the Carib. I started with Reaper’s “Lab Mutant” #50092.


Then I added a necklace, loincloth, ear rings and a bead arm band with green stuff. A quick mounting on a metal base and a light dusting of primer and he’s now ready for paint.


I need to look over the Fear and Faith rules for some ideas on his stats.
What do you think?
Does he need a Jekyll miniature?

Jungle Quest

Ahoy Thar!!!

I finally got the chance to run the next episode of my Flashing Steel campaign and added some Songs of Gold and Darkness into the mix. The story so far… Our fearless pirates have retrieved their beloved ship, Angelica, and escaped the Royal Navy. Leaving in haste, they soon discover that the Navy boys had removed all of their stocks and supplies, including their water stores. Finding themselves on the high seas without water, the pirates made sail toward a small island. Eugene Smythe ventured inland with a small group in search of fresh water. The next morning, they still had not returned…

Concerned for their shipmates, Elizabeth Hunter set out with Shandy and Seamus in search of the wayward pirates.

The setup for this adventure is sort of a dungeon crawl in the jungle. Using the tiles and cards I create previously (see earlier posts), I assembled a random deck of 16 cards. The pirates must search the jungle until they find the rope bridge which leads to the Carib village where their lost shipmates are being prepared for dinner. They are the dinner! I took the Bridge card and mixed it with 5 other random cards. Then mixed these 6 cards with 5 more cards and finally took the remaining 5 cards and placed them on top of the mixed 11. I don’t really have a reason for this, I just did it that way.

Additionally, I noted that any gunfire would alert the Carib village of the pirates and would result in extra Caribs on their arrival. The same goes for any Caribs who escape after making contact. Continue reading