A Bridge Too Far (from completion)

With the Carib huts done. I turned my attention to a rope bridge. The Jungle crawl ended with the pirates finding a rope bridge leading to the Carib village so how to make a rope bridge???
I started by building a quick wood support to help in the construction phase. This was made from some wood scraps I had lying about. I drilled a few holes and bent some heavy wire. In this case, it’s actually a couple pieces of welding rod bent to shape. I soldered these together to form the actual support for the bridge.


Next I cut many many random length skewers using my new miter cutter.

I then “tied” each “log” to the support frame. Working my way from one end to the other of the bridge took a surprisingly long time (a couple hours), so far I think it’s looking good. And, it’s quite strong so far. 🙂

Next, I need to build the end landings of the bridge. More to come…

2 thoughts on “A Bridge Too Far (from completion)

  1. Nice work. I find that half the battle is coming up with the materials and techniques to make it look right and not anachronistic. Can’t wait to see the end results!

    • Anachro what? That’s a mighty big word in there. We’re not but humble pirates. :)) I agree though. I have often started a project only to crash headlong into “complications.” Ropes/vines definitely fall into the anachronistic complications. But, I think the most troubling aspect of this project is how to make it more storable as its getting quite large.

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