Finally a Bridge, Completed

The bridge is finally complete!!!
The hand lines are each made from 4 feet of 20 gauge steel wire. Formed into a loop, it was then twisted to create a rope like length. Twisted around the support logs and secured with some magnet wire, the “ropes” hold their shape and I believe will hold up to the abuse of the game table and my kids. Next, I looped a length of twine from the hand line down to the bridge logs.


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To-Nakka, a Carib Hyde

Finished slapping some paint on To-Nakka, the Carib version of Mr. Hyde.
The figure started life out as a Reaper Miniature Lab Mutant. I’m very happy with the way he turned out.
In preparation for an upcoming assault on the Carib village, I worked up his stats card. I need to check out his cost.