Finally a Bridge, Completed

The bridge is finally complete!!!
The hand lines are each made from 4 feet of 20 gauge steel wire. Formed into a loop, it was then twisted to create a rope like length. Twisted around the support logs and secured with some magnet wire, the “ropes” hold their shape and I believe will hold up to the abuse of the game table and my kids. Next, I looped a length of twine from the hand line down to the bridge logs.


Painting was done with craft paints and done quite quickly really. I added a few tufts of grass from Army Painter. (Note to self, need to get more tufts!)
The final bridge is separate from the landings and is very strong and stable.
You can hold one end and it doesn’t bend even slightly.

The landings can be used together to form a large rock outcropping when I don’t need a bridge. :))

I like the way it turned out. I would do a couple things differently if I were to do this again. Firstly, I would bevel the edges of the small landings attached to the ends of the bridge. I’m not really liking the “step”.
Secondly, I would use less frayed twine on the lower lines where they attach to the anchors. Possibly twisted wire might look better/smoother.
Finally, I still may make a top piece to use instead of the bridge that will lock the two landings together like the bridge does.