Fear, Faith and Voodoo

What are pirates without the Caribbean? And what is the Caribbean without Voodoo? Okay! I know there were many pirates throughout the world besides in the Caribbean, but hey, I’m not worried about those pirates. We’re talking about the Caribbean! And the Caribbean needs Voodoo!


I finally finished painting my Carib Voodoo Priestess (Mambo) from Reaper Miniatures. She is ready to join the rest of the tribe.

On to the rules… ┬áThe Voodoo rules are written to compliment Fear and Faith by Ganesha Games. They are based on many sources including various SOBH books, movies, and books and are largely a Hollywood fanciful version of Voodoo.

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The Rescue, a battle report

My Fear and Flashing Steel (Fear and Faith combined with Flashing Steel) campaign finally continues. When last we left our adventurers, they had discovered the location of the Carib village where their missing shipmates were being held/eaten. (Previous episode)

This episode takes up with the pirates at the bridge in the early morning hours. In the village, only 3 Caribs can be seen. Others are sleeping or off hunting.


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