New Ghosts for Luigi

My son and I spent a couple hours painting today. I have to say it has certainly been a long time since I painted in an assembly line fashion. The ghosts were pretty easy to paint though so I doubt they would have looked any better if I spent more time on them individually.

My son worked on Whomp (Or maybe it was Thwomp. I can’t remember who is who.)

This was our first try with our new Secret Weapon washes and his first use of a wash ever. It turned out well I think!
The minis were all specially “commissioned” by him and sculpted and cast by me. And no, the “commissions” never stop. 🙂

Wargames Vault sale!!!

Just a quick post during this busy holiday season. I just saw that Wargame Vault is having their Winter Offensive! 25% off!

This is a great time to pick up rule sets you’re thinking about. And at a discount!!!
You have about 6 more days as of this post to shop.
The items are on sale at RPGNow also but there seem to be more skirmish games at the sister site Winter Offensive like the ShadowSea rules and others and even paper terrain models and some tile sets. Definitely worth taking a peek if you’re thinking about these rules.