Wargames Vault sale!!!

Just a quick post during this busy holiday season. I just saw that Wargame Vault is having their Winter Offensive! 25% off!

This is a great time to pick up rule sets you’re thinking about. And at a discount!!!
You have about 6 more days as of this post to shop.
The items are on sale at RPGNow also but there seem to be more skirmish games at the sister site Winter Offensive like the ShadowSea rules and others and even paper terrain models and some tile sets. Definitely worth taking a peek if you’re thinking about these rules.

One thought on “Wargames Vault sale!!!

  1. Sooo… I picked up…
    ShadowSea Chronicles,
    ShadowSea Stygian Depths,
    Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters
    and a number of paper model buildings. I’m not really a fan of paper models but I thought I might give them a try and if nothing else use them as patterns for a more solid construction.
    Anyone else pick up any post holiday swag?

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