My WargameVault swag

Okay. So I’m not really into the paper model scenery but I thought “Why not?” during the recent sale at WargameVault.
Besides the ShadowSea supplements, I picked up a few paper models and with the addition of paper, printer, glue, card stock and some time, I am the proud owner of this.

This is part of the Dragonshire Deluxe Set

Now, on the whole, it’s not a bad piece and the set has many such models including raised walkways and bridges. Construction was easy enough. Just take your time and follow the directions (several PDFs worth detailing various models in the set). A number of these buildings lined up together would probably look good, especially as a back drop. They are built in layers to allow play to move inside on each floor level (it would however be rather tight quarters in there). There is quite a bit of color and implied texture and detail on the models. But that’s my problem with paper models. All the texture and details are all implied. It’s not really there.
Don’t get me wrong! These assemble quickly and look pretty good. They are VASTLY better than my own currently nonexistent port buildings. And they will surely make for great stand-ins while I construct Port Rumm. 😉
All in all, I’m sort of torn on these. The pdf was less than $7 during the sale. Even with printing and supplies, they are still very inexpensive. The models are great for what they are! However, is what they are for me???

2 thoughts on “My WargameVault swag

  1. I’m making up some paper buildings at the moment. They are fun to make, but they do lack something in the feel. Maybe it is the “implied detail” as you say, leaves a feeling of being cheated of the real thing (have to remember it is just a model). With the ones I’m doing I haven’t decided if I want to do some weathering or even add in some 3D shrubbery.

    • I keep looking at the one I’ve built and think, “Hmmm. Should I build another one?” I have about half a dozen printed out waiting.
      Which are you building?
      I also thought about adding wood strips to where the timber is printed to give it more of a 3D feel. But, I’m afraid that will just lead to the need for more additions and more details until I’ve built a facade over the front of the printing.

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