Coastal Raid

Over spring break, my son and I got a chance to play a couple games of Flashing Steel. Well, it is actually a combination of Flashing Steel and Fear and Faith as well as some home brew rules. Both games are from Ganesha Games.
I apologize for the quality of photos. I really need to get a better camera.
For the background of this game, a mysterious affliction has overcome the pirate captain. The pirates, desperate to save their captain have sought out the help of a voodoo priestess. At her command, the pirates (my son and I) are on a quest to find medicinal herbs to save their captain from this mysterious affliction. A priestess told the pirates of a small island whose shores are cursed but upon whose shores grow the medicinal plant Wolf Lotus. The pirates must retrieve the flowers of this plant and return them to the priestess who will brew them into a cure for their captain.
Arriving at the island, the pirates find a wrecked ship of Spanish descent but no other signs of life.
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