Some Zombies and Trying Quickshade

Like most of us, I never seem to have enough time to paint these days so I’m always looking for that Holy Grail of miniature painting, the instant-one-coat-looks-great-miniature paint. You know the one. One coat provides instant shading, subtle blending, perfect skin tones, and awesome eyes. Yeah! That one!

Now, having seen several videos, I wanted to try out this Quickshade stuff. So I painted a few zombies over the weekend.   

I followed the directions and base coated the figures in bright colors. The directions on the can say to dip the minis and shake them off but the videos I watched tended to use the brush method. I opted for the brush. I brushed the Quickshade on and then spent the next several minutes removing the puddles as they formed until it became tacky.

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