New Minis Up

Well it has been a while but you know how it is. You get busy and pretty soon Baammm! Six month and you haven’t posted anything. Oh! Maybe that’s just me then.

I have not been completely away from things though. I did manage to release a few new pirate minis!


28082 Katherine “Katt” Cruz (in the center).

28083 Red Tom (on the right in green and black).

28084 Rot Gut (bleeding out as we speak on the left).

Each one filled to the gunwale with piratey goodness. They’re available in the store.

I’ll need to put together a game so they can test their mettle, prove their worth, sew their wild pirate oats in saltwater and blood… Okay. I may have just gone too far.

I’ve also been looking around for more mdf terrain that I can shanghai into respectable pirate fair. But, more on that next time.