Bandua Small Building and a Plan

While eating lunch, I was struck with a plan. Napkins are wonderful notepads. That wasn’t my plan. I’m just saying… Never mind.
The plan. Right. I can turn the small building from Bandua into a workshop and give it a Spanish look. So, here’s my plan in all its napkin glory.image
I’ll add a second story to the structure and attach a workshop/blacksmith structure next to it. Adding of course the appropriate Spanish details as I go.
To the scroll saw!
Quickly trial fitting the pieces together, I think it should work.image


Now, comes the slow part. Details and stucco. I was tempted to scrap a couple of the walls and replace them with walls of my own, but decided to keep them. They do add a little extra dimension. We will see how they look after stucco.
So far so good.