Frost Worm for Frostgrave

My son is interested in playing Frostgrave. With that in mind, we have been working, when time allows, on miniatures for the Frozen City.
My addition to the horde is a frost worm.
The frost worm is Reaper Miniatures Great Worm (#77006). I based the mini on a 50mm Secret Weapon resin base that I built up to match the miniature. It was base coated with Vallejo Electric Blue. After that, I washed the mini with Imperial Blue.
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Trying a new sculpting media

I’m generally a slow sculptor. I’m already one month behind my New Years resolution and its only March!
Additionally I’m always trying to learn and improve so lately I’ve been watching an awesome YouTube channel by Tom Mason. He sculpts in Fimo mostly and while I like my ProCreate putty mix I felt I need to try his technique especially since we have asked him to do videos about putty sculpting. If I’m asking him to step outside his comfort zone, I think I should be willing to do the same. So, here is my initial attempt in the world of Fimo sculpting.
As always, the sculpt starts with an armature.image
It is made with 24 gauge steel wire and held together with greenstuff. I let this cure. Probably didn’t need to do this, as it just bulked out the armature, but that is what I did.
The next step is to cover the whole armature with a thin skin of greenstuff and then immediately cover that with the Fimo. These layers should be thorough but thin. This is then allowed to cure. The greenstuff will cure but the Fimo remains soft.
Once the armature is covered, sculpting can begin.
I started by bulking out the miniature.
Once bulked up a little, the actual sculpting begins.
That’s where I’m at at this moment. So far I like this media. It seems to work faster as there is no down time for curing. Also, I’m able to revisit areas several times and still modify them. Also it forces me to look at the sculpt as a whole and not just an arm or a leg.
I’m not quite sure as to how I’m going to cook this and eventually vulcanize it into a mold but I’ll face that when I get there.
So far so good!
If you’re interested in sculpting, I highly recommend the videos on Tom’s YouTube channel.
If you enjoy them, you can also support him via Patreon.