Murder at Rosa Bella, a Pulp Alley Adventure

I enjoyed another adventure using the awesome Pulp Alley rules. The adventure uses scenario 2 from the Scenario Book, the solo deck as well as the horror deck. Our story continues with Victoria and her league of monster hunters roaming the Caribbean and ridding the new world of old world monsters. Having recently aided the pirate captain Morgan escape capture, the crew sails south to the small fishing town of Rosa Bella…

What follows are excerpts from the log of adventures of Victoria’s Monster Slayers…

Five plot points (gold coins) were randomly placed as clues. With the recent murders, the local militia was out in force as well.

With amazing luck, many 1d challenges, and great dice rolls, Victoria and her league were able to prevail! Alas, Diego did not make it.

It was a lot of fun! I only pulled a single horror card (mad as a hatter for Marcos) but that could have swung the game quite a bit.

Pulp Alley is an amazing game! The combat is fast and dynamic. Really! It’s the best skirmish game I’ve ever played! I highly recommend it!!!

Honestly, going into the game, I doubted I could solve all 4 plot points and still slay the beast inside 7 turns. I had already prepared mentally for a jungle hunt scenario to track the killer beast. However, with great dice rolls and card draws combined with conveniently wandering patrols, it was a success!

With the ship resupplied with rum, where will the winds take our next adventure?