Palm Tree Scatter

Well, I finished the two palm tree scatter pieces. I think they turned out well.
Looking at my jungle terrain pieces, I think I could use more scatter… 30mm and 40mm resin blanks…

Palm Tree Scatter

A quick update… I made many palm trees a while a go and still had a couple extra left over. This combined with a lack of small tree bases when setting up a game of Pulp Alley the other night led me to this. Palm tree scatter bases.
So I started with a couple of 4Ground 50mm round mdf bases and glued a couple of lead ingots to the top. (I know! Bad lead! Evil lead! I know, but I didn’t eat it, lick it, sniff it or in any other way try to ingest it. And let’s face it. Lead is great for adding weight!)

Now I needed to smooth out the edges and create a sandy effect. I looked around for something that would stick to lead and mdf and epoxy glue. Now, I have a fair amount of sculpting putty in a variety of flavors but they are pricey and take a while to cure. While checking over my stock in the freezer (cuz that’s where you keep sculpting putty!) I found some actual plumber’s putty. Why not? Cures hard. Sticks to metal pipe. I have it and I’ll probably otherwise never use it. So, plumber’s putty it is. Now, me being a male who “knows putty” didn’t bother to read the directions. Of particular notice would have been the curing time. I dove right in. I cut off a section and mixed away. Once mixed, I applied it to the base and started to smooth it out with my fingers. It’s sticky but workable. I had it roughly pressed into all the crevices and surfaces when I thought “I’ll add a rock.” Tearing off a chunk from the mixed supply, I realized the stuff was getting quite hard already! Light switch “on!” Faster cure time than my usual sculpting putty. I quickly added a dash of saliva and madly attempted to erase all of may many finger prints. It was a frenzy but I was able to erase most of them. I repeated this process on the second base.
Within 10 minutes, both bases were rock hard and presumably ready for paint. All in all, this went much faster than I had thought it would.
Notes to self…
1. Plumber’s putty is a great terrain medium.
2. Plumber’s putty cures REALLY REALLY quickly.
3. I should probably read the package of the products that I use.
Hopefully, I remember at least one of those things.

Somethings I’ve been working on…

So, once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I have been busy behind the scenes. I continue to work at my sculpting skills. I added three miniatures to the store that I finished about 2 years ago and just never put up for sale. They available now over at the Moonlightmini store.
My current projects include these gents…
They have a bit to go yet, but they are getting there. And they will have friends!!!
I have many other minis in the works and about 20 completed. Just need to find some casting time…

Wow! It’s been a while!

Yes! It has been a long while since I updated this blog. I have still been busily working away. I just haven’t been posting. I was looking back on what I was doing then. That was a long time ago!!! Just to update the summer sculpt, I did finish the mummy miniature (and quite a few others). He is here…

I have been trying to sculpt with Fimo. It has been taking some time but I believe my sculpts are improving… Here are a couple of the miniatures I have finished since then.

I need to get casting. I have a few previously sculpted minis ready to go and then I’ll gear up for casting again. Wish me luck!

SummerSculpt Day 21

Day 21… I’m really starting to think about building some terrain… Or painting… Or actually gaming…
Oh well. I worked on the second of my two current sculpting projects. I added lower body muscle mass and worked on the feet.
I also had a thought… I think I will mix up a softer mix of my Fimo tomorrow. I’ll try this mix as I move on with this project. I’ll let you know how it goes.image