Jungle Crawl Tiles


Okay. So I didn’t go with the preprinted Fat Dragon tiles. Who has time for shipping? I did pick up this though…

Landshark Tunnels.

My plan is to create random tiles and cards to simulate exploring/searching the jungles of the Caribbean. Perhaps in hopes of rescuing missing crew members from the Caribs?

Well, that is my next objective. My pirates have stopped at an unknown island to resupply. Part of crew has gone ashore to find fresh water but do not return. Now, our heroes must go rescue them.
But, before they can do that, they must find out what happened and then find the village. Hence the random jungle… Continue reading

Deckromancy Blank

Here is the “Blank” image that I created for the Deckromancy cards. Sorry, I can’t figure to how to export the “Skin” from my phone. Disclaimer: I know nothing about BBC coding. I stumbled my way through this…

And another card for more Special Rules if your character has more than 3 special rules. Continue reading

More Carib Indians Sighted

The Caribbean can be a dangerous place. Pirates. Voodoo. The Royal Navy. Is that the sound of drums?
The Carib Indians are restless.


I made some Flashing Steel cards for the Caribs using the Deckromancy app on my iPhone. I like having a quick summary of the Special Rules on the cards.




The locals are serving dinner and our heroes may find themselves guests of honor at the feast…
Next test coming soon!