Wow! It’s been a while!

Yes! It has been a long while since I updated this blog. I have still been busily working away. I just haven’t been posting. I was looking back on what I was doing then. That was a long time ago!!! Just to update the summer sculpt, I did finish the mummy miniature (and quite a few others). He is here…

I have been trying to sculpt with Fimo. It has been taking some time but I believe my sculpts are improving… Here are a couple of the miniatures I have finished since then.

I need to get casting. I have a few previously sculpted minis ready to go and then I’ll gear up for casting again. Wish me luck!

Captain Wario

I finished another sculpt for my son’s collection. It’s Wario.
That’s Captain! Captain Wario!

Captain Wario is all part of my continuing evil plot to draw my son into the world of pirate miniatures. Bwah hahaha!!
Now, it’s off to the mold with you Wario. (There should be a Captain in there somewhere.)
My son and I also got in a game of “Song of Luigi and Ghosts” our version of Ghost Rangers.

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It Takes A Village…

It takes a village to raid one!  So, with a battle looming, I find myself in need of a Carib village. And that village requires huts.  So here’s my take on the Carib hut and how to create one.


In this case, it’s the hut of the village witch doctor.

It started out as pretty much all throw away items. A circle of foam glued to an old CD and painted black. To this, I glued pine needles that I collected from the yard and dried. Continue reading