More minis get painted

It’s been a bit since my last update. My poor old laptop suffered a fatal hard drive crash. May it rest in pieces.

I did get some more minis painted though. This time, it’s a couple of Foundry leopards come to life. I’m pretty happy with the way they came out.

Those pirates had better watch themselves when they wander off into the jungle. They’re not they only killers out there…

Wereshark attacks!

Played a quick Showdown skirmish with my kids. A small band of pirates came ashore to refill water barrels and find themselves attacked by a wereshark .

These are the stats that we used.

The mini is a Reaper miniature, (65076). Base is a washer with Procreate texturing added.

It was fun to paint and made for an enjoyable skirmish. The kids got some lucky rolls right off the bat and so the wereshark fell to the adventurers.

Black Bone receives a splash of color

I’m kind of surprised how few of my minis I actually find time to paint.  Especially the older models.  Sooo… I’m going to try harder to actually get more painting done.

First to receive the brushwork, Black Bone (28029) joines my elite ranks of painted skeletal pirates. This was my first attempt at fire. I think he turned out alright.

Now I gotta go add the pix to the website…