Sculpting Sneak Peak

Ahoy thar!
It’s been quite the extended hiatus from this here blog beast. The foul beast Yahoo has made updating this much more challenging, all in the name of her majesty Security. Well, that be the sort of world we live in I suppose. An honest pirate can’t but fear for the loss of his own property.
Enough of that cankerous nonsense! Ye be not here for that! I got a couple of pics of some sculpts that be fitting themselves up for casting. They be sort of a secret so, don’t ye go blabbing.

I’ll be making the mold today. Hopefully, barring any problems, they should be up and available withing a couple of weeks or less.

Wow! It’s been a while!

Yes! It has been a long while since I updated this blog. I have still been busily working away. I just haven’t been posting. I was looking back on what I was doing then. That was a long time ago!!! Just to update the summer sculpt, I did finish the mummy miniature (and quite a few others). He is here…

I have been trying to sculpt with Fimo. It has been taking some time but I believe my sculpts are improving… Here are a couple of the miniatures I have finished since then.

I need to get casting. I have a few previously sculpted minis ready to go and then I’ll gear up for casting again. Wish me luck!

SummerSculpt Day 21

Day 21… I’m really starting to think about building some terrain… Or painting… Or actually gaming…
Oh well. I worked on the second of my two current sculpting projects. I added lower body muscle mass and worked on the feet.
I also had a thought… I think I will mix up a softer mix of my Fimo tomorrow. I’ll try this mix as I move on with this project. I’ll let you know how it goes.image