SummerSculpt Day 21

Day 21… I’m really starting to think about building some terrain… Or painting… Or actually gaming…
Oh well. I worked on the second of my two current sculpting projects. I added lower body muscle mass and worked on the feet.
I also had a thought… I think I will mix up a softer mix of my Fimo tomorrow. I’ll try this mix as I move on with this project. I’ll let you know how it goes.image


SummerSculpt Day 18

I need to start a new figure but I’m at a loss of what to sculpt. So, I started by making an armature and drilled a base for it. I’m going to try out one of the new sculpting handles that I made.
So here I am. A blank armature in my hand… Thinking… Thinking…image

SummerSculpt Day 17

He is done. Or at least, I’m done working on him. Looking closely, I can see several areas that could use work/improvement/re-sculpting but I think it’s time to move on. He’s not bad and I think he will cast well.image



Now. What to sculpt next?