SummerSculpt Day 7

A slight change of pace for today, I worked on accessories. Specifically the mini needs a sword and a gun so I set to work on those.
First up was the sword. I flattened some copper wire with pliers (hammer and anvil also work). Next I added a 50/50 mix of procreate and aves to the flattened wire. Finally, I squished the putty between a couple of acrylic blocks. Now I just need to wait for the putty to cure.image


Next I worked on the flintlock. I generally try to make multiple when I sculpt an accessory. In this case I’m working on three. Again I start with copper wire bent to rough shape. The wire will become the barrel so it is left a little long. I add the stock and hardware using the same 50/50 putty mix. I like this mix because if needed, I can file and sand and shape the cured putty to refine the sculpt after the fact. image


These will need further work but for now both swords and flintlocks are put aside to cure.

SummerSculpt Day 6

Day 6 and still going. I made some more progress today. I started adding the beginning of the details. It seems to be taking shape.image
If you’re interested in learning more about sculpting miniatures, I highly recommend watching Tom Mason’s videos on YouTube. He is a professional sculptor, a great instructor and has helped me quite a lot. His videos are a priceless source of information. So check them out and while you’re at it, support him on Patreon so he can make more videos.

SummerSculpt Day 3

Day 3 and I’m still going. I’m having trouble motivating myself with this challenge. I’m moving far too slowly on both sculpts and I’m not sure why. Also, the basic anatomy is giving me grief. Maybe it’s trying to get two going or it’s rather hot outside or its summer and the family is home. I don’t know.
Anyway, day three saw more of the same. More bulking and general shaping of the base. I only worked on the one mini today to see if I could motivate myself a little better. image
I did discover a problem with my metal armature. The spacing between the the crotch and the shoulders seems too long. I tried to remedy this by pulling the shoulders/arms down but this could continue to be a problem as the figure progresses. Hopefully not.
Maybe I need to alter my measurements on the armature. I’m not sure.
The armature step and posing are crucial parts of the miniature development. If these steps are wrong, it is very difficult to produce a good looking mini. Looking at it now, it seems to be okay, so I’ll carry on with this one. I’m nervous though.
I guess we’ll see together. Talk to you tomorrow.