Looking Well

I added a few detail items to the town well. Just a few random parcels and a lantern. The small additions really make the well come “alive” with day to day activity.


The only part of this model that is not complete is pouring some water effect inside the well. I don’t have any at the moment so that will have to wait.
Overall, I like the way it has turned out! It wasn’t really difficult to do either. The worst part was making the molds to reproduce the parts, but if you’re just making one for yourself that part really doesn’t matter. Sculpey is a versatile product that works well before baking and still seems to behave for post bake detailing. I will definitely use this product and methods again.
Perhaps I’ll even look into doing some other scenery pieces and adding a small line of them to the shop.

It Takes A Village…

It takes a village to raid one!  So, with a battle looming, I find myself in need of a Carib village. And that village requires huts.  So here’s my take on the Carib hut and how to create one.


In this case, it’s the hut of the village witch doctor.

It started out as pretty much all throw away items. A circle of foam glued to an old CD and painted black. To this, I glued pine needles that I collected from the yard and dried. Continue reading

Jungle Crawl Tiles


Okay. So I didn’t go with the preprinted Fat Dragon tiles. Who has time for shipping? I did pick up this though…

Landshark Tunnels.

My plan is to create random tiles and cards to simulate exploring/searching the jungles of the Caribbean. Perhaps in hopes of rescuing missing crew members from the Caribs?

Well, that is my next objective. My pirates have stopped at an unknown island to resupply. Part of crew has gone ashore to find fresh water but do not return. Now, our heroes must go rescue them.
But, before they can do that, they must find out what happened and then find the village. Hence the random jungle… Continue reading

New printed tiles from Fat Dragon

While I’m waiting for glue to dry, I found these…

Here’s the youtube video that has me thinking…

These might work to build a randomized a dungeon for Song of Gold and Darkness or, as I am thinking, a Flashing Steel prison break or buried treasure search. Hmm… Get the printed version for the tiles and get the pdf to create cards for a deck and you have got yourself a random dungeon generator. I’m thinking I might give these a try.

They have a set of ship tiles too… Hmm… But… While I have purchased plenty of their pdf files, I’ve never order physical products from DriveThru… Shipping?… Hmm… I’ll let you know how this works