New printed tiles from Fat Dragon

While I’m waiting for glue to dry, I found these…

Here’s the youtube video that has me thinking…

These might work to build a randomized a dungeon for Song of Gold and Darkness or, as I am thinking, a Flashing Steel prison break or buried treasure search. Hmm… Get the printed version for the tiles and get the pdf to create cards for a deck and you have got yourself a random dungeon generator. I’m thinking I might give these a try.

They have a set of ship tiles too… Hmm… But… While I have purchased plenty of their pdf files, I’ve never order physical products from DriveThru… Shipping?… Hmm… I’ll let you know how this works

Flashing Steel Test Run

I have recently been reading the Flashing Steel rules by Ganesha Games and thinking I might combine them with Fear and Faith to capture the dark feel of pirates and voodoo and horror in the Caribbean. So, this is my first test run of just the Flashing Blades rules… About 270 points per side.

The Pirates

The Royal Marines

Having recently lost their fair sloop Angelica to the Royal Navy, the pirates were strongly inclined to get her back. They travelled secretly through the dense jungle to the lightly guarded pier where the Angelica lay. They were but 4 humble pirates against a force of seven Royal Marines and their sergeant. Continue reading