SummerSculpt Day 17

He is done. Or at least, I’m done working on him. Looking closely, I can see several areas that could use work/improvement/re-sculpting but I think it’s time to move on. He’s not bad and I think he will cast well.image



Now. What to sculpt next?

SummerSculpt Day 16

Day 16 saw the baking of the mini. 15 minutes at 230•F and the sculpt is locked.
Once it was cool, I added the flintlock pistol to the armature with a touch of super glue. Following that, I took a look at the sword. I didn’t like it. It just didn’t look right to me. I even tried gluing it in place and I didn’t like it. So, what to put there instead?
A hat!
A quick blob of procreate and a quick baking to cure and I had a hat. A really big hat. And soon, a feather!image


SummerSculpt Day 15

Well, I missed a few days in there. My work schedule got the best of me and I chose sleep over sculpting. Now that I’ve finished my work week, I’m back to sculpting.
I added more material and wrinkles to the pants and finished the hair. I also added the buckle to the boots. I think he’s coming along well at this point.image



SummerSculpt Day 11

Okay. Work is really starting to get in the way. Or maybe it’s the combination of work and sleep. I did manage to squeeze out a few minutes of time to work on sculpting. Well. It wasn’t really sculpting exactly, but rather sculpting related.
Starting with the blank that I made earlier in the week by pressing it between two acrylic blocks, I shaped the sword blade using various grades of sand paper stretched over a small sanding block. image

SummerSculpt Day 10

Today was another quick sculpting session. I didn’t do much really. I added a bit to the deltoid area just to bulk up the shoulders. I also added the beginnings of his hair. At this point, it’s just shaped clay with no real details. image

I have also funished making a number of sculpting handles for future projects. Let’s just say now I should never run out.