SummerSculpt Day 5

After finding yesterday’s problem, today’s sculpting went better. I finished bulking out the armature. I also added putty and Fimo to the posed arms. It is really coming together now so the sculpting should start to go faster. I hope.image

SummerSculpt Day 4

Happy Fourth of July!!!
It’s day 4 and I am still struggling with this miniature. On the positive side, I have discovered a new sculpting tool. My phone. Well, more specifically, the camera in my phone.
Looking at the mini in person I could see something was wrong with it but I was having difficulty seeing exactly what it was. Enter the phone. For some reason, I can see the problem more clearly in a picture than I can in person. Maybe it’s the lighting. Maybe it’s the closeness to the mini. I don’t know but it is clearer to me in the photos.
Here is the mini from yesterday.image
It has no hips! Well, they are sort of there but essentially not. So after much time spent searching for what was wrong and only a short time actually sculpting, here is where I’m at now.image
I think it looks much better. Hopefully now things will progress much faster.
So day 4 and I’m still posting and even more exciting I added a new sculpting tool and technique to my bag of tricks. Camera and pictures! Who would have guessed?

SummerSculpt Day 3

Day 3 and I’m still going. I’m having trouble motivating myself with this challenge. I’m moving far too slowly on both sculpts and I’m not sure why. Also, the basic anatomy is giving me grief. Maybe it’s trying to get two going or it’s rather hot outside or its summer and the family is home. I don’t know.
Anyway, day three saw more of the same. More bulking and general shaping of the base. I only worked on the one mini today to see if I could motivate myself a little better. image
I did discover a problem with my metal armature. The spacing between the the crotch and the shoulders seems too long. I tried to remedy this by pulling the shoulders/arms down but this could continue to be a problem as the figure progresses. Hopefully not.
Maybe I need to alter my measurements on the armature. I’m not sure.
The armature step and posing are crucial parts of the miniature development. If these steps are wrong, it is very difficult to produce a good looking mini. Looking at it now, it seems to be okay, so I’ll carry on with this one. I’m nervous though.
I guess we’ll see together. Talk to you tomorrow.

SummerSculpt Day 2

Well, I made it to day 2.
I continued bulking out the base armature clay focusing on the lower half of the figure. The first mini is a little rough still but the second is coming along well. All the work was done with Fimo using metal tools and clay shapers (color shapers). The final smoothing was done with a paint brush.image


Total sculpting time was about 1 1/2 hours. I know! I’m slow!

SummerSculpt 2016 Day 1

We’re already half way through the year and my goals for the blog have pretty much fallen apart. So I had a new idea. I will try to sculpt everyday through July and post it here as SummmerSculpt 2016.
I know it will be difficult to sculpt/post something every day because July looks fairly busy on my calendar but I’m going to try…
Without further nonsense, I present Day 1.

I had made the armatures previously, but I posed them (except the arms) and then added a layer of greenstuff and put a layer of Fimo on top of that.
I believe total sculpting time today was about 1 1/2 hours. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow!