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Ahoy thar! The site has again been far too quiet for far too long. But that be coming to an end. We've been honing our skills and sharpening our cutlasses. Now be the time to strike. Aye! So, striking we be. We have had these skeletal fiends for a while now waiting to unleash upon the seas. So I present, the brother and sister Creed. They be twins, born to pirates, Raised as pirates, Hell, they even died as pirates! Now, these two have returned for the beyond to take up where they left off. Aye! It's all they know.

Standing to your left be Silas Creed (28088). He be skeletal pirate through and through. Not a lick of flesh nor decency left to him. Older brother to Abigail, he be quite protective of the lass. And don't ye dare mention to him that she be dead already...

And to his right be his younger sister Abigail Creed (28089). I'm told she were quite the beauty in her day. Aye, that day be long past. She be naught but bones and hate now. She be loyal to a fault to her brother and she be always watching his back.

I've been honing my sculpting skills of late. These two are from probably a couple years ago. I liked them too much not to release them. And more new releases are on the way. I've gained quite the backlog of minis. Just need the mold and cast them.

The Moonlightmini blog (http://moonlightmini.com/blog/) is still going, still hit and miss but limping along none the less. Stop by and watch as I attempt to chronicle more projects relating to this website and gaming in general. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment or a bit of piratey advice.


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Jan 22

New Additions to the store.

Added 28088, 28089.

May 1

New Additions to the store.

Added 28085, 28086, and 28087

November 1

New Additions to the store.

Added 28082, 28083, and 28084