Ahoy thar!!! And welcome!

This be the maiden voyage of me new blog type Captain’s Log. Herein and forthwith I will avail myself of the arduous task of chronicling my own reckless feats of pirating devilry of a miniature nature in pursuit of rich plunder and tabletop glory. So join me in my attempts to set sail on this rambling adventure…

Oh! But first, we be in need of a ship. Hmmm…

It just so happens that I have very recently completed work on such a ship as we may require. So. Without further adieu, pomp and other such tomfoolery. I present the Serina’s Tear.

She be constructed from a scrap of 2×4 construction grade lumber mostly, with some other bits and strips of lumber lashed on as well. Cardstock, string and putty round out the majority of her construction materials.

She be gunned with 10 cannons of me own design, sculpting and casting. Her figurehead is a converted Reaper miniature (50140 Torrent). The stern bas relief was done in Procreate putty.

I still may add a stern lantern and an anchor, perhaps…


3 thoughts on “Ahoy thar!!! And welcome!

  1. Wow! That’s amazing. The detail is very impressive. How big is it? I assume it’s for the 28mm figures elsewhere on your blog?

    • Yes. It is sized for 28mm. And Thanks! She is the most abitious ship I have made so far.

  2. Some really great stuff on here so far. Keep it up, it’s quite nicely done, and good inspiration for us other nerdy gamer folks!

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