Carts And Wagons

With our Flashing Steel games needing more terrain details, my son and I dove into the task of building some carts and wagons. These models are from 4Ground Miniatures. They are a laser cut product.

We each built one of three of their models. The quality of these models is very good. The instructions are a single sheet. The parts pop out of the board easily and fit very well together. We wound up using PVA glue after initial tests with Super Glue proved less than ideal.
A couple of the assembly steps are a bit “fiddly” as you must align upwards of 5 and 6 parts at once while gluing them. The fit of the parts is very precise and I got the impression much of the model could just about be assembled without glue.
Final models are sized well for 28mm figures.

All in all, we are happy with the kits and the final builds. We are looking for a couple of 4Ground’s other wagons to add to the fleet. My son was also interested in some of their other offerings including buildings.