New To The Crew

With summer vacation wrapped up, I find myself once again in position to continue my pirate campaign.
In that regard I present a fresh face for the crew of the Angelica. Solomon Priest.



His stats are more Fear and Faith than Flashing Steel as the plan is to blend the rules.
His back story is…
“Fresh from the monastery Abbazia del Demone Triste (Abbey of the Sorrowful Demon), Solomon Priest has come to fight. A former brigand and pirate, he himself has been called a monster and a demon by many. He be far from innocent and his eternal debt to his maker is beyond measure. But rather than hide away his days inside the stoney walls of the abbey praying for his damned soul, he has embraced the skills of his former life in pursuit of his new calling. Some say it takes a monster to kill a monster. If that be true, then he be such a monster. He is a hunter. A hunter of witches and monsters and all things unholy.”