Reaper Bones minis, my thoughts,

Like many in our hobby, I am the proud owner of many Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter minis. Here are my thoughts.

My initial impression of the Bones miniatures was not great. Their softness of features and loss of detail sort of, well, disappointed me. Compared to their metal counterparts, these minis have lost vast amounts of detail. In addition, while the mold flash line is small, it is also difficult to remove without a trace. Also, there is nothing like the feeling of weight with a metal mini and these minis have none. Sure! I can use metal bases, but as I already do with all my minis, these still wind up light.

However, to their credit, the flexibility of the material is a definite positive trait, especially when children are involved. It means less breakage and repairs. Most even come pre-assembled. Apparently they even require no priming! (Shock! Disbelief!) Finally, their cost is drastically less. Another plus for the kids! Finally, my daughter can have (nearly) any dragon she wants and I won’t shake my head when she paints it pink, blue, purple orange and black or just paints one leg and calls it done (she hasn’t really done this for a couple years, but I can reminisce).

Overall, I believe they make perfect minis for kids to start with and learn to paint and game with. But, for someone who’s going to spend a lot of time carefully and lovingly painting and basing a miniature, I’d suggest biting the bullet and getting the metal version.

Personally, I’ve pretty much given them to my kids to learn to paint with. And they are perfectly happy to take them.