Stone Golems

Not all of the temple’s stone statues looked on blindly while the treasures were pillaged!

The new boy band sensation, The Stone Golem Brothers! Starring Rocky, Stoney, Granite and Shale! Coming soon to a jungle temple near you!

These minis are Stone Golems from Reaper’s Bones line. See the previous post, if you’re interested, for my overall thoughts on the Bones line (for what it’s worth).


Quite honestly, I doubt I would have done these at the full price for the metal version. As I used the Bones version, I saved $24! The minis were easy and quick to paint and the overall result is pretty good I think. I’ll never get used to their weight though!


They will be appearing in the Flashing Steel/Fear and Faith campaign soon.
I made up a couple cards for them based on Songs of Blades and Heroes rule book.