Voodoo Rules Demo

Though pretty pressed for time, I played out a demo of the Voodoo rules from the previous post. Actually, I played this a few weeks ago but never got the chance to write it up… until now.
The story for the setup is Sergeant Bowers and a small troop of marines have followed rumors and tips to the lair of a certain Voodoo practitioner by the name of Ezikal. Alerted to the approaching marines, Ezikal and several of his raised “friends” come out to greet them. Points per side was set to 200.



The marines win first move.
Sarge Bowers moves forward and orders the marines to follow.
Ezikal rolls 3 dice getting 3 successes. He casts a curse on Bowers (Resist rolls 1,3,5). He fails to resist and is now cursed. The zombies all advance 1 short.

Turn 2. Cursed Bowers fails to act. First 2 marines fail to activate. Marine Chapman fires but failed to wound the zombie. Marine Dalton fires and misses. Marine Edwards calmly takes an aimed shot at one of the shambling monstrosities striking it and knocking it back.
Ezikal (rolls 5,1,1) only manages to move up before losing initiative.

Turn 3. Bowers again spends his turn fighting his curse. Marine Andrews fires and misses. Baker, still struggling with the horror of zombies, again fails to act. Chapman reloads his musket as does Dalton and Edwards.
Ezikal blows Zombie Powder into the face of Bowers trying to take control of the man. Bowers rolls and resists the attempt and the turn ends as the zombies close in on the marines.

Turn 4. Bowers, in spite of the curse, activates and, swinging with all his might, lands his cutlass on the advancing dead in front of him. Black liquid erupts from the neck of the vile creature as it’s head falls to the ground with a dull thud. Spurred on by their sergeant, marine Andrews attacks. The zombie is driven back. Baker again failed the act. Chapman moved forward. Dalton attacks with all his might but failed to inflict any damage. Edwards moved up and added his own cutlass to the fray. That was the force they needed and the zombie was driven back.
Ezikal summoned his loa and cursed the area around him. The zombies continued to advance and attack but were unable to do any real damages.

Turn 5. Bowers fires his pistol at Ezikal but his shot goes wide. The marines continue to attack the zombies. Even Baker joined in, but the marines were unable to do more than drive the zombies back.
Perhaps thrown off by the earlier gunshot, Ezikal fails to activate. The zombies act. The first zombie attacks Baker, who out of shear panic, manages to cut down the shambling corpse. He second zombie moved up and attacked Bowers knocking him back. The final zombie attacked but was unable to taste flesh.
Turn 6. Bowers, drawing a second pistol, fires at the approaching zombie. The ball struck the dead man squarely in the head, dropping him on the spot. Andrews failed to activate while Baker charged Ezikal. Chapman charged another zombie and knocked it to the ground. Edwards charged forward. Dalton too rushed forward against the zombie and, driving his bayonet deep, drove the beast back to the dead.
Ezikal again tried his Zombie Powder against a marine. The marine, holding his breath against the powder, resisted the attack.

Turn 7. Baker attacked Ezikal. His attack was countered and he was put out of action by the Bokor. Bowers, giving in to the powers of the curse again, failed to activate. The other marines continued their dance with the zombies but neither side gained an advantage.
Ezikal raised Baker’s still warm corpse. The marines rolled for fear. Andrews fled immediately. Bowers failed and recoiled but refused to run. Chapman stood firm while Dalton and Edwards both recoiled in horror.

Turn 8. Bowers again failed to activate. Chapman attacked Ezikal but the Bokor was too quick and he easily killed the unfortunate marine. Dalton and Edwards both took careful aim and still missed.
Ezikal animated the fallen body of marine Chapman.
The fighting continued with both sides taking casualties. Ezikal raised the fallen marines, flung curses and blessings about and tried his Zombie Powder again. Meanwhile Sergeant Bowers and his remaining marines fought bravely but in the end, the constant assault by their downed brethren wore them down.
The final straw was when Ezikal again attacked Bowers with Zombie Powder, but Bowers, weary from the battle, failed 3 rolls against the powder and fell under the bokor’s control. Against his will, Bowers moved to attack the last unknowing marine. Even as the hapless marine killed the final zombie, he himself was struck down by the controlled Bowers.
Standing in a stupor, the dumbstruck sergeant did not notice as the Bokor quietly edged up next to him and drove his knife deep into the man, killing him where he stood.



Overall, the voodoo rules proved good. I liked the feeling of the rules. They didn’t seem out of balance though I believe there needs to be a couple of changes made. First, when a zombie is created, he should not immediately act. (Duh! And yet, that’s how I played it! Doh!) He should have to wait until next turn and then activate normally and his first act should be to spend an action to get up. Second, the Zombie Powder worked as designed but I think in the PDF it states that the Bokor gains control for one action per failed resistance above the bokor’s Voodoo Rite Power Points. This doesn’t provide much controlled time, so I played as one turn of control per point instead of one action.
Other than that, the test run worked well.