Roofing Project

I worked a bit on the rum distillery today. I put the roof on.


The tiles are Plastruct sheets glued to card stock and then glued to the building.
After this had set, I added small rafter boards that extend out past the edge of the roof.
This looks okay so far. I think I’ll primer and paint the structure next and after that add the landscaping and others details.


It is starting to look a little church-like. I should have put in a miniature for scale. Opps! The doors in the middle photo above are oversized carriage doors.

2 thoughts on “Roofing Project

    • It is the foam that I have. At some point I’d like to try the styrene foam. I’ve seen some great terrain effects with the styrene. Perhaps someday soon I’ll go pick some up.
      Thanks for the comments!

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