La Sirena del Mar distillery is open

La Sirena del Mar distillery has a long history of crafting the finest of rum. As such, it’s product as well as the distillery itself is a much sought after prize. Here now I present the La Sirena del Mar.

Finishing touches were the paint, sand

and flock as well as an aged palm to grace the grounds and provide a nice place for a siesta. The palm was made from wire, twine and paper.



While in my eye, I see an establishment for the creation of that noble elixir RUM, the building can be used for many purposes. It can be a warehouse, carriage barn or as the original concept as a mill with the addition of an as yet to be constructed waterwheel.
As to the current construction, I’m thinking that the plastic brick sheets were not really worth the effort. They were difficult to cover and more importantly, not deep enough in detail for quick dry brushing to bring out. Looking closely, the brick pattern is there but from a distance, the pattern is not obvious.
The roof tiles work pretty well though. The look is good and the pattern is believable, especially from a distance. The detail is soft up close, but with some creative painting, the effect is acceptable.
So, these I will use again, but maybe not so for the brick sheets.
Additionally, the Liquid Nails worked well for the wood grain on the doors but not so well for the stucco. It also worked well as glue for various components. I’ll continue to play with this for more effect uses.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome but now see need for many more such buildings. Another area I’d like to correct/address is a lack of believable jungle plants and bushes on the property.
Any suggestions?