Captain Wario

I finished another sculpt for my son’s collection. It’s Wario.
That’s Captain! Captain Wario!

Captain Wario is all part of my continuing evil plot to draw my son into the world of pirate miniatures. Bwah hahaha!!
Now, it’s off to the mold with you Wario. (There should be a Captain in there somewhere.)
My son and I also got in a game of “Song of Luigi and Ghosts” our version of Ghost Rangers.

Luigi and Larry cleared out a haunted mansion full of ghost. We used the floor tiles from Mansions of Madness and they worked well. Sorry no pictures or notes on Luigi’s exploits. Put simply and shortly, Luigi and Larry entered the mansion. They roamed from room to room capturing any ghosts they encountered eventually finding and freeing Mario.
It was an enjoyable and entertaining evening. One fun aspect of the game was our invention of new rules and special abilities of the new ghosts we crossed.