Zenith Lighting a Zombie

I’m still working on the zenith lighting using an airbrush to speed up my painting. In addition, I need to paint the website catalog models for a few new minis that I’ve sculpted. So, here goes.
I picked a zombie pirate.

Here, he is primed black and airbrushed white from above.
This is the point at which I switched to traditional brushes. The miniature itself only took about an hour and a half to paint, not counting sculpting, painting and flocking the base. That’s quite an improvement over my previous average of five hours!


While this definitely isn’t my finest painting, it not horrible! The blending is rough but that be my inexperience with this technique. With my limited available time, it’s a trade off.
The more I use the airbrush to pre-shade the miniature, the more I like the speed. I’m definitely going to keep working at this technique as I have a mountain of miniatures to paint!