Jungle Remodel

It’s time to upgrade my jungle terrain!
My current jungle terrain consists of palm trees on individual bases.


Lots of palm trees on individual bases.

I made these a long time ago using a variety of materials including brass sheets for the palm fronds. I still like them! But… While they look good and are very versatile and can be arranged in any imaginable order, they are a little top heavy. So they tend to fall over. Frequently.

Therefore it’s time for a Jungle Remodel!!! And as a bonus, my kids are supposed to help!
So here goes…
The bases are MDF board, cut and belt sanded smooth with beveled edges.
To these we glued rocks (these certainly won’t be top heavy!). We used a thick layer of liquid nails to glue the rocks both to the boards and to each other.

After the glue dried, it was time for the first layer of plaster/joint compound.
To make it easier, I put the joint compound into a sandwich bag and sealed it.

After squeezing it all toward one corner of the bag, I cut off a small triangle of plastic. A handy dispenser!


Using the dispensing bag, I squeezed the compound into all the joint cracks and areas around the rocks building up the surrounding ground.

I also built up other areas that will be slight rises in the ground. These areas will also serve as additional support for “planting” trees and bushes.

With all the compound on the bases, it was time for shaping the ground. In this case, the bases are going to be windswept sand, (hopefully). Using mostly just a wet finger, I smoothed the compound and covered the entire MDF base.

So now we wait for the joint compound to dry. Wait… Wait… Waiting sucks!
Up next will be more joint compound to fill any cracks that form and to add height. Followed by… Yep! More waiting! Be back “soon”.