Jungle Remodel Bases

After a few hours of off and on work, the bases for the jungle are ready for foliage.


When last we saw our bases, they were waiting on drying joint compound. To get where they are now, they received two more thinner layers of joint compound to fill any cracks and to contour the ground. Following that, they received a 100 grit sandpaper massage to smooth out the ridges. And after that, it was paint time.
The paints I used are all inexpensive craft paints. The rocks were done with a Pewter Grey base coat. Washed with a mix of Midnight Blue and a dash of Black, the rocks then went through three dry brushed coats with Pewter Grey, Country Grey and finally Dolphin Grey.
The “sand” was done with a base of Golden Brown and glaze coats of Lite Mocha and Linen.
A couple coats of matte sealer finished the bases off. They are just waiting for the gardener to plant the trees and bushes.

Trees… Yes. Trees and bushes are next. To add variety and to ensure that the jungle matches well with my more recent work, I need to mix in my current style of palm trees with the previous trees that I’ll be recycling. I think I have enough of the recycled ones. I’ll just need to whip up a “few” of my new ones…