Jungle Remodel the Trees

Over the years, I’ve made quite a few palm trees for wargaming. And over time, my methods and madness have changed leaving me with a variety of palm tree construction styles.

They are all basically the same but with subtle variations. I plan to use as many of the older style palms as I can for this project but still have the bases blend well with the current style trees that I have been making more recently.

I have plenty of the old trees so now I need to make the new ones for these bases. So, here goes… This I how I currently make palm trees.
I start with 18 gauge wire cutting it to length. To the ends of these I apply white permanent label stickers to plain white card stock paper (I use plain index cards) sandwiching the wire between the two.

I cut these into leaf or palm frond shapes. Then I cut along each edge making a fringe sort of edge.


Next I bend and shape the wire stems before gathering them into a collection of roughly palm tree shape. I wrap this bundle in speaker wire to hold its shape and position. The wire wrap allows the fronds to be further bent into shape before their final wrapping with hemp twine.



The next step is to paint watered down PVA glue over the hemp wrapping to form the truck. When this is completely dry I spray them with a white primer paint.


Now it’s time to paint. Previously I’ve been able to paint the fronds in one coat. Not so this time. I painted the fronds in Kelly Green only to fine that not all Kelly Green paints are the same.


The shade was all wrong so rather than re spray the trees white I went to work layering. Four more colors and the fronds look okay. On to the trunk…
The trunk was pretty basic, paint the whole trunk Dark Chocolate then wash it with a mix of Dark Chocolate and black.



Let them dry and then add a couple layers of matte spray.
I made 5 trees which took me about 6 hours or so. Not the fastest of projects but still, I do like how them look.