Jungle Remodel, Planting Season

It’s planting season in the jungle!
The time has finally come to plant all of those palm trees and bushes. First though I’ll need to recycle the old trees.

I started by cutting the old trees off of their bases.

The old tree fronds had wire stems with wire wrapped around the stems to form the trunks. So I cut through all the layers of wire and then unwound the wire wrapping leaving only a single long stem at the bottom.

This long stem will be the anchor. On the new base, I drilled holes for each palm and checked its placement. I also checked the balance with all of the trees on the base.



At this point I do not yet glue the trees in place. It’s easier to drill the holes for the other plants without the trees in place. I drill a number of holes placing the aquarium plant bushes as I go. Again there is no gluing at this point.

Once I have all of the holes drilled and the plants trial fitted, I remove them all and glue them one by one.

It’s a fairly long process but it’s worth it. After gluing all of the bushes in place, I glue the trees in place.


The final step is to add a few grass tufts in various places.

Now, I just need to repeat this whole process for all of the other bases. Again, it’s time consuming but I like the results. I have quite a bit of work ahead of me. I better get started!