A Town Well

I’ve been quiet here for a while but not completely inactive in the real world. One project that I started and “finished” is a town well terrain piece.


It still needs a few detail pieces like barrels and buckets and a splash of water effects inside, but it’s basically done as a terrain piece.

I started the project using Sculpey. I sculpted the base structure and then baked it. Then I carved in some details and added some extra bricks using Greenstuff. The original upper structure is made of bass wood scraps again detailed with Greenstuff.


With the original “done”, I made a couple molds. The first mold is for the base structure. The second mold contains the three pieces of the upper wooden structure. These molds were made from Smoothe-On.
Casting went well with another Smoothe-On product. (I just used their Pourable Trial Kit.)



Assembling the castings was easy and painting was pretty fun as well in adobe colors to match the rest of the growing caribbean port.
I can definitely see opportunities for custom details like barrels and buckets. Perhaps rope and a pulley. An overflow pipe midway up the wall flowing into another bucket if the structure is spring fed.
Here is my “finished” model. I’m considering casting up some more and putting them in the store if there is any interest.


This was my first real attempt with resin casting terrain pieces. I think it went well. I considered casting the upper structure in pewter but decided to try the resin first just to see how it went. Let me know what you think.

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