Breaking Ground in Pirate Town

Inspired by the photos of Robjedi’s pirate town, I dove in and ordered the three “Sand Buildings” from CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery in Australia.
They arrived safely packaged and even quicker than I had expected. My final cost was $77 including international shipping to the U.S.
Drawing on Robjedi’s work for both inspiration and blatant imitation, I went at the first building with drill and saw and sandpaper and glue.

I like it so far. The MDF board that the model is cut from delaminates easily so I simply used a hobby knife to carve in some exposed brickwork. I left the horizontal flooring pieces alone for now. A few additional walls were cut from scrap MDF to cover the openings behind the stairs and behind the arched area on the first floor. The doors, shutters and trim are all made from craft sticks with grain pressed into them using a machinist’s thread restoring file.
The doors are removable at this point. I’ll glue them in place after the stucco and paint are done. Or, that’s the plan anyway: Stucco, paint, finish structure assembly and then mount on a base and add details.
The fit of the model is very good. Without adding details, this building could probably stand alone without any glue and then still disassemble and lay flat for storage. I’m still not decided on the pricing. With shipping, the model is about $25 for a basic unfinished kit. And the kit is very unfinished. Doors are provided but there are no window openings. This may in fact be a plus though as it allows for greater customization. But, so does a plain sheet of MDF board. I’ll reserve my judgement until it’s done. But…
So far, so good.