Still Water adventures

Queue the Indiana Jones theme… Okay not really. More likely queue Darth Vader’s entrance music because working with Vallejo’s Still Water is like a trip to the dark side.

So, the town well was finished except for the water effects. I’ve used two part resin water effects before but I didn’t have any so I thought I’d try to something new. Enter Vallejo’s Still Water.
This is a no-mix clear acrylic product that dries in about 24 hours. Or so it says. What really happens?
I followed the directions and poured the product to the recommended depth and then put it aside to dry. 24 hours later it was slightly gelled but certainly not dried. Okay. It was cold here so I waited another day. Behold! It dried.
But it shrunk too!
It shrunk so much that it literally pulled away from the wall of the well. About 20% of the “water” along the perimeter was left uncovered. The product had pulled about 1 1/2 mm from the wall the full depth of the pour.
(Sorry, I should have taken a photo but I didn’t.)
Hmmm… What to do???
I know. I’ll fill the gap with more Still Water and pour a little extra just to insure a smooth top layer! So I did.
This thin layer did dry faster. In fact within 24 hours. However, again the product pulled away. Ahhh… Part 2!
Well, not as far this time.
Is the third time the charm?
No. I poured it a third time. This time it didn’t pull away… Yet… But it did shrink again and sink to form depressions where the previous layers pulled back. Also, it appears to form voids where the layers may pull back at different rates.


Overall the flaws in the effect are not extremely noticeable but it has been 5 days getting to this substandard result! A two part resin would have been flawless four days ago.
I’m afraid to try adding another layer to smooth it out as it may just pull away again.
All in all, I would not recommend this product for pouring a water effect.
In the future I’ll just stick with a two part epoxy resin.
Queue Darth Vader music.