Pirate Town Expansion

The first of the CNC Workshop buildings is finally done!

Actually, it has been done for a little while. I’m just slow to post.
I borrowed heavily from Robjedi’s Pirate Town for this one.
I cut in the arches and added a wall behind the stairs and another behind the arches. Other than that, it is all surface detail items and textures.
The stucco is a Vallejo product. It is creatively called White Stucco. It goes on easily and adheres very well. I like the sandy texture it leaves.
I used craft paints to finish it.



The basic CNC Workshop buildings take details extremely well. Your creative options are unlimited with these. With the right shutters, doors, arches, roof tiles and appropriate details, these buildings will blend into any setting including the Spanish Main (hopefully).

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    • Thanks!
      I really must give credit to Robjedi though for the inspiration.

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