The Crow’s Nest (A Beginning)

I started on the next building. This one begins life as a simple kit. I envision this shack as a lookout post (or more likely a pirate tavern) on top of a huge outcropping of bolders. I present The Crow’s Nest…

This kit was about $5 from Amazon. Now it is nowhere near the quality of the CNC Workshop kits but it should make for a good base for this building.

The assembly and modification of the building was similar to the previous buildings. I either squared out the windows or glued them closed in place as solid walls. I arched the doorway and added a door from craft sticks and carved in bricks. This time I used a dremel tool and the bricks went much faster. But this kit is of very cheap plywood construction. Nowhere near the density and quality of the MDF of the CNC Workshop buildings.

This building also has a moveable roof feature that I glued sealed closed.
This being The Crow’s Nest, it needs some elevation.  So I need a big pile rocks. The bulk of the structure is foam. To seal the “rocks” I used Foamcoat. This is a great product for sealing foam and making it rock hard.


 To this base structure I added actual rocks and used filler to fill any gaps. 

At this point, the building is still removable and still unfinished. So, I remove it and dive into the stucco. 


Next up is the decking and the stairs. And the mast and crow’s nest of course. But that is next time…