The Crow’s Nest (Some planks and paint)

I worked on the Crow’s Nest a little more. The decking and stairs are going to require quite a bit of planking so I started preparing the wood. 

Using a thread file, I carved woodgrain texture into the smoothe craft sticks.

 This makes a huge difference in the look of craft sticks. Sadly, there are many sticks to treat. This is just one package.

With the craft sticks prepared, I move on to something a little different. Painting. 




 I painted the building and base coated the rocks. Then I glued the shack onto the rock pile and built up the rock surfaces with filler where they are part of the walls. After the  filler was dry, I finished painting the rock.
I think it’s looking pretty good so far but sorely needs the deck and stairs. Watch that first step! It’s a doozy!