Pulp Alley AAR

My son and I got some time to play a game of Pulp Alley. We opted for a co-op game using his league and minis against a league of demon bats. The setting was Isla de las Pulgas portrayed by some of my pirate terrain. The plot points were five civilians who need to be saved. Or fed upon…



It was a good game even if we didn’t retrieve all of the plot points. Nor were we able to defeat all of the beasts. But, we had a blast. Pulp Alley is a great game for skirmish battles.

Some final thoughts…

Taking good pictures and any sort of notes during a game is quite difficult.

Lots of dice on hand speed the action along and a dice tower is a wonderful thing for keeping them on hand and not scattered all across the terrain.

This was the first use of one of the new vinyl battle mats. I very much liked the look of the terrain and will be having more mats printed.

All in all, it was a great time and Pulp Alley is a great game!