Wrecked Wagon

Okay! I’m sure it happens all the time. One of your wagons (or other scenic pieces) got left somewhere it shouldn’t have. And of course, it got stepped on, stacked on, or in some way crushed or mangled. It’s ruined! 

Or is it?

This is the story of a 4Ground Miniatures general purpose wagon. Somehow (cough, cough) it found its way to the floor where it was accidentally crushed (by me of course). What to do? Throw it away? 

It’s ruined! Or is it just wrecked? I cut some clear plastic from a blister pack in an irregular but suitable size and shape. I then posed and epoxied the broken wagon pieces to the plastic for support. I also added a touch of glue here and there to broken joints of the model to stem the tides of further destruction.

Once that was dry, I glued some jungle tuft foliage in a few places to represent some taller weeds. Finally, I glued some foam turf around the wheels and in various places. 

That’s it. From ruined to wrecked. It’s suddenly a plot point, an objective marker, a barricade or any number of other scenic items. Not only that but it is unique. Anyone can build a wagon and place it on the table. But how many people have a wrecked model wagon? Or is that a model of a wrecked wagon? Either way, it lives!!!